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HR and Staffing

At MB Services, staffing is one of the most critical functions within our contact center operations. Your criteria for hiring agents drive our recruitment and selection process.

We assess the skill set needed to perform the type of work each project requires and apply the appropriate screening process. Potential candidates are tested in a variety of ways to ensure that they are right for your environment.

Candidates are tested in a uniform and consistent manner using our Testing Management System. Tailored to your recruiting needs, this system allows applicants to complete an automated set of tests and evaluations. The applicants data is downloaded into our HR database, giving us the ability to track applicant information automatically within minutes after the application has been completed.

Each applicant works at his or her own pace through the application and testing, then the results are tabulated within minutes. One-on-one interviews are next, during which the applicant reviews the test results and is evaluated for customer service and/or sales conversion skills and specific areas of knowledge and expertise. Interactive Voice Response and role-play exercises are also used as part of the interview process, as well as an analysis of cognitive ability, technical skills, and analytical skills.

Every classroom is equipped with Automated Workstations that are similar, if not identical, to the actual production floor so that every trainee will be totally prepared to navigate within the automated environment.

The MB Services Testing Management System for hiring has enabled us to recruit, select and train large numbers of qualified agents in a very short time frame � and ensuring we are hiring the best people to meet our clients' requirements.