MB Services

Linking Possibility to Reality

Training and Coaching

The training our customer contact representatives receive is tailored to the needs of our clients. We have automated many of the training processes and have created standard training modules that are presented to all employees, regardless of the program for which they are hired. Each MB Services employee attends our standard training, devised for either Customer Acquisition/Sales programs or Customer Care/Service programs.

Our clients' business needs and quality measurements drive a significant portion of each employee's training. We go to great lengths to develop the most appropriate curriculum for each of our clients. MB Services's training philosophy includes identifying the skills needed for each portion of the program. We use demonstrations, giving employees "perfect" examples to emulate, and we devote more than half of the class time to applying the skills and creating an environment that mirrors the production floor.

To ensure that all of our representatives reach the level needed for the live customer contact environment, our trainers evaluate every representative's initial aptitude level for a point of reference. This evaluation is used to plan which areas of focus are needed for each individual in the training class. During training, the MB Services representatives are frequently evaluated using constructive feedback sessions addressing both the entire class and each representative individually.

We use role-play sessions to prepare for live calling. This is an exercise that simulates a live production room. The MB Services trainer acts as a prospect on the phone and the representative trainee must manage the entire call (including transitions, rebuttals, questions and answers) without assistance.

Every classroom is equipped with Automated Workstations that are similar, if not identical, to the actual production floor so that every trainee will be totally prepared to navigate within the automated environment.

Periodic Curriculum Review

Effective training is continually changing, to both incorporate new information and to modify existing curriculum to enhance learning. Once a specific curriculum is established as complete, coherent, and effective, it is then reviewed on a regular schedule. Trainers and training managers meet regularly and training suggestions are taken from all levels of operations, performance improvement and quality. We encourage our clients to recommend changes at any point in the process.

Regular meetings are held with our training and development team, which includes the trainers, training development manager, and the training development specialist. Training representatives from our clients are often participants as well. These meetings provide habitual feedback by reviewing such issues as training assessments, attrition rates, production floor needs, ongoing changes, etc. Business results are analyzed and include quality assurance scores and direct measures of quality (average length of call, average handling time, call resolution, sales conversion rates, etc.).