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Email Management

Email is increasingly becoming the most popular form of communication. Companies are being flooded with ever increasing amount of emails. And customers are increasingly demanding a high level of service and response (turnaround time and quality of response) for their email requests.

Most customer care service operations in organizations have been designed around a telephone contact. Organizations are not equipped to deal with the heavy email traffic. Using advanced technology, MB Services offers relief with its email solution that provides the same queuing and response capabilities for an email that are currently available for phone contacts. So call us before customer email requests become a nightmare.

Our MB Services email service will respond to emails via single or any combination of the following methods:

  • Automated response
  • Computer-aided response
  • Manual response

In case of both computer-aided and manual response, MB Services's email service analyzes, sorts and routes incoming email to the appropriate CSE by skill group.

Our service enables quick response to high volume of customer emails while extracting real-time customer data and performing one-to-one Internet marketing. We offer dedicated CSEs providing expertise and quick response.

MB Services's email response management system enables you to efficiently and accurately track and respond to any volume of customer inquiries. Flexible queues and routing rules assure that email gets to the person who can serve it most effectively. Instantly available customer and interaction history across all contact channels allow your support agents to quickly and easily stay on top of each customer request, while our unique low-cost integration features make it possible for you to put your company specific customer information at your agents fingertips without carving out a large budget for IT customization.

When customer support does not have the answer right away, they can escalate the issue to someone else within the company with a regular email message. Our email management system remembers that the customer inquiry is not yet answered, and sets it aside so that it is both easy to access, and will not get in the way of answering new customer inquiries.

MB Services's integrated knowledge base provides pre-written response templates to assure that common questions are handled quickly and accurately. The knowledge base also serves as a repository for internal notes and other private information for the customer support agents. As your team clarifies common answers to questions, you can automatically publish them to your customized Web Self-Service site to reduce your incoming volume.


  • Easy to implement
  • Has valuable reporting functions
  • Highly Secure
  • Highly accurate
  • Cost effective
  • Increased Agent Productivity


  • Skill based routing
  • Audit Queues
  • Queue Escalation
  • Customer Interaction History
  • Automated Response
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Content Analysis
  • Repeat visitor identification
  • Integrated Knowledge Base
  • Automated Spell Check
  • Virus and SPAM filters
  • Web based hosted solution