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Outbound Call Center Services

From lead generation and product sales to database enhancement and management, MB Services's outbound call center has been developed to handle all of your outbound telemarketing needs.

In today's ever-changing world, you need an outbound call center partner who is equipped to provide you with the expertise, the personnel and the facilities to handle your most important outbound call center projects. As a leader in outbound, live operator direct marketing services, MB Services is uniquely situated to provide you with the most cost-effective and productive outbound call center solutions. If you are looking for an outbound call center partner who possesses the facilities to handle all of your outbound call center needs, look no further than MB Services.

Outbound Call Center Expertise

Our extensive experience in the outbound call center industry, along with our technological solutions, quality assurance programs, and commitment to customer service excellence has helped many well-known corporations achieve maximum results from their direct marketing efforts through the use of our outbound call center approach.

Outbound Call Center Personnel

We recruit and hire the most qualified individuals, and then further train them to excel in our highly attentive outbound call center service environment. Our well-developed, thorough procedures ensure that the individuals on your outbound call center team are prepared and accountable for the success of your program.

Outbound Call Center Facilities

The integrated call management systems our outbound call center facilities use, systematically call consumers and transfer successful connections to a designated marketing representative (MR) who is dedicated and has been trained for the specific client application. As a call is presented to the MR, the consumer's name, address, and other available information are simultaneously presented on the MR's workstation along with a client's customized script.

Outbound Call Center Results

Monitoring the results your outbound call center provides is an important aspect in selecting the outbound call center most capable of handling your needs. Our software systems permit you to immediately access online program results and shadow-monitor the performance of all your designated agents from a remote location. We will report information captured, summary results and more detailed statistical analyses in standardized reports or in a customized format specifically for you.