MB Services

Linking Possibility to Reality

Data and Infrastructural Security

Maximum Facility and Infrastructure Security

MB Services's centers are housed in building designed in accordance with the highest security standards which have permanent surveillance systems both outside and inside the premises. There is strict access control for people through a system of magnetic cards and biometric validations, which restrict the entrance to different sections of the building.

In addition, MB Services has high-end Security cameras that are located in strategic positions in order to constantly control and record the circulation of personnel.

The server rooms are considered the heart and core of the center. MB Services server rooms have reinforced doors and only authorized personnel have access.

Maximum Safety of Data

MB Services views client security and confidentiality as one of its most valued services. Our network is protected from unauthorized access by both software and hardware firewalls and applications for protection against viruses and unauthorized intrusion.

All data is subjected to a rigorous process of storage and access control. Double back-up is carried out through automatic processes that operate in accordance with defined guidelines.

In addition, MB Services has implemented Layer 4 switching with advanced router module for intelligent data routing, monitoring and security