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MB Services provides superior Medical Transcription Service in various branches of medicine. Our continual investment in technology and experienced manpower enables us to serve hospitals, clinics group of various sizes anywhere in the US. This has established us, as a one-stop-shop for all transcription needs.

Quality has been a way of life at MB Services, complying with stringent quality. MB Services Medical Transcription Operation conforms to stringent quality standards. We have advantage of an excellent work force and a stable and high-speed Internet access within our modern spacious building employing numerous technologies. Our skilled team of medical transcription specialists provides around-the-clock, error-free transcription. A cadre of Quality Control proof-readers/ editors provides customer satisfaction to a growing roster of medical professionals in a number of disciplines.

The most valuable asset with MB Services is the core team of medical transcription specialists and systems professionals. We derive our strength from combining the expertise of experienced, well trained, responsible, and dedicated medical language specialists with creative and innovative Information Technology professionals.

MB Services has many years of experience in offering full-fledged transcription services to Hospitals, Clinics & Physicians across various specialties. We are successfully complying with the quality requirements of our direct clients by adopting the style specified in the American Association of Medical Transcribers.

To be more specific about our transcription services we ensure quality transcription specialists by observing simple rules:

  • Stringent recruitment process and offer in-house training program. The training program is offered free of charge, and a stipend is paid during the training period, so that the trainees have a sense of belonging to the organization and they adopt transcription as a serious career option
  • Qualified faculty with hands-on experience in transcription
  • A Quality department headed by an eminent Doctor with knowledge about American hospitals & medical practices
  • On-line quality control with feedback to Transcribers on a file-to-file basis to ensure consistency of transcription quality
  • Extensive use of on-line database that is constantly updated from client feedback