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Web Chat and Collaboration

Live online chat can be one of the most compelling tools you can use in building customer relationships. You actually provide your customer with a human interface to help the customer navigate through various activities such as purchase processes, filing online insurance claims, applying online for credit cards, technical support and endless other activities. Our representative will take your customer through all processes by providing the human interface required. They can courteously handle any complaints and suggestions, should there be any.

According to a survey conducted by NFO Interactive, 35% of online shoppers said that they would buy more if they could interact in real time with a sales person from an e-commerce site. MB Services provides e-commerce sites with a customer service "back-end." Contact can be initiated by voice call, web callback, chat, e-mail or fax. All forms of customer contact are routed, queued, and monitored the same way for consistent quality and turnaround time.


  • Platform Independent
  • Already downloaded / Installed software: No software to be downloaded
  • Firewall compatibility
  • Browser compatibility
  • Proactive chat initiation
  • Repeat visitor identification
  • Co-browsing
  • Pre and post chat surveys
  • Real time monitoring
  • Push page (html/flash)
  • Logged Visitor history
  • Complete chat transcript history
  • View multiple chat windows
  • Operator to operator chat
  • Operator performance reporting
  • Multiple departments and skill levels
  • Chat transfer
  • Chat queuing
  • Custom reports
  • Emotions
  • Remote control of visitors PC
  • Instant chat translation

Benefits of Web Chat:

  • Improved Customer Support Representative (CSR) efficiency
  • Better Interactive Experience.
  • Improves Customer Service & Client Retention / Up sell Rates
  • Reduces total cost of operations and support costs
  • Increases customer satisfaction Rate
  • Increases sales