Case Studies

Enhancing Content Moderation Accuracy for a Global Social Media Giant


Our client, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, faced mounting challenges related to content moderation. As a platform accommodating diverse user-generated content, ensuring that content adhered to their stringent guidelines was a monumental task. The client aimed to establish a 99% accuracy rate in the content approval process to maintain a safe, trustworthy, and compliant digital ecosystem. To achieve this, they decided to outsource their content moderation functions to MB Services.

Challenges Faced

Our client faced several challenges in moderating their content:

Vast Content Volume:

With billions of users, their platform experienced an overwhelming volume of content daily, making manual moderation almost unmanageable.

Content Screening:

Their platform hosted a wide range of content and every post included potentially violent, disturbing, or inappropriate material that needed to be filtered out. Moderators needed to distinguish between nuanced violations of guidelines and attempts being made to subvert them.

User Expectations:

Despite the massive volume of content being driven through the site on a daily basis, users still expected quick and efficient turn around times in terms of content approval, while also expecting perfect adherence to the community and content guidelines that had been provided.

Strategies Implemented

To address these issues MB Services implemented a strategy that tackled several key areas:

Resource Recruitment:

MB Services conducted targeted recruitment of very specific resources that would best suit the role of content moderator, and who possessed both the capability of developing a deep understanding of the guidelines and content demands, as well as the qualities to be successful in their role.

Training Program:

MB Services developed an intensive training curriculum that covered our client’s platform specific guidelines and that would provide moderators with a high proficiency in the use of moderation tools. Our team also provided specialized training in content categorization, with special emphasis placed on sorting out sensitive or potentially harmful content.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Our team developed a customized scalable model to adapt to our client’s fluctuating content volumes and evolving platform guidelines and ensured that we had the necessary flexibility to be able to meet specific content moderation needs based on content trends and user behavior.


The implementation of these strategies yielded significant results::

Accuracy Rate Achieved:

Our content moderation team consistently achieved the benchmark 99% accuracy rate that had been set, ensuring that content that conformed to platform guidelines was allowed to go live, whereas content that did not fall within the guidelines was appropriately dealt with.

Legal Compliance:

Our team was able to ensure that the client’s platform was able to handle its vast content volume efficiently, meeting user expectation and online guidelines for timely content approval.

User Trust:

User trust in our client’s platform was increased as it became a safer and more reliable space for online interactions.

Brand Reputation:

Our team’s work ensured that our client’s brand reputation remained strong and that users continued to perceive the platform as one that placed great emphasis on user safety and their responsibility in maintaining it.

In conclusion, by outsourcing content moderation to MB Services and implementing a robust strategy, the client successfully addressed their content moderation challenges, achieved a 99% accuracy rate, and ensured a safe and compliant digital environment for their global user base. This case study exemplifies how a strategic approach of such nature towards content moderation could result in an enhanced user experience protect the integrity of a social media platform.