Case Studies

Empowering Fintech Industry Leaders Through Revolutionary Policies and Procedures


As our client expanded their services and continued to build upon their already vast customer base, their demand for efficient and responsive customer support grew exponentially. They required a specialized BPO partner that was capable of recruiting staff at a high level of skill and experience, and that had the capability of retaining this staff in the long term. Additionally, world class quality and CSAT were of the utmost importance and an absolute necessity to ensure continued operational success and growth. To meet all these demands, our client partnered with MB Services, and entrusted us with their customer support and other BPO operations.

Challenges Faced

Our clients faced a slew of challenges including:

Attrition Management:

Skilled customer support agents were hard to train and even harder to retain, due to intense market competition and attrition within the industry.

Ensuring Service Quality:

Given the dynamic nature of the financial industry, our client needed to ensure that their agents consistently delivered accurate and up-to-date information to their customers, and handled their each and every concern and inquiry with the utmost professionalism and care.

Improving CSAT:

Our clients were very focused on increasing levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction, which required a much more proactive approach in terms of both issue resolution and customer support.

Strategies Implemented

Training and Skill Development

MB Services provided comprehensive training to our agents, focusing on product knowledge, effective communication, and problem-solving skills. We also organized regular workshops and upskilling sessions to keep agents updated on industry trends and changes in our client’s offerings and ensured that they were highly knowledgeable in their target areas.

Quality Assurance Framework:

MB Services established a robust quality assurance framework to evaluate customer interactions and our adherence to our partner's service standards. Regular performance evaluations and feedback sessions allowed agents to continuously improve their performance and maintain high service quality.

Technology Integration

MB Services leveraged cutting-edge customer support technologies, such as AI-powered chatbots and integrated customer service platforms, to streamline interactions and improve response times. This technological integration allowed agents to spend more time focused on complex issues, leading to a more efficient and satisfactory overall customer experience.

Employee-Centric Culture:

MB Services fostered an employee-centric work culture by prioritizing employee satisfaction and professional growth. We offered competitive compensation packages, opportunities for career advancement, and continuous training to equip agents with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and incentivize them to spend more time in pursuit of their mutual goals shared with our clients.

Customer Feedback and Data Analysis

MB Services actively sought customer feedback through surveys and sentiment analysis tools. We analyzed this data to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement, which were then used to drive strategic decisions and enhance customer support strategies.

Talent Acquisition and Retention:

To attract and retain top talent, MB Services implemented a rigorous recruitment process, ensuring that only candidates with the right skillset and attitude were selected. Moreover, personalized retention strategies, such as mentorship programs and recognition initiatives, were introduced to boost agent morale and loyalty.


Our strategic initiatives yielded significant results:

Controlled Attrition:

MB Services was able to successfully reduce attrition to a record low 2% within our first year of working with our client. The implementation of a custom built system of employee-centric initiatives and talent retention strategies contributed greatly to a more stable and committed workforce.

Consistently High Quality:

With the help of a stringent quality assurance framework and continuous training and re-training procedures, MB Services achieved consistent service quality, meeting our client’s high standards of achieving 90% or higher targets on various LOBs. Agents were better equipped to handle complex inquiries, leading to more accurate and satisfactory resolutions.

Improved CSAT

Our clients CSAT scores witnessed a remarkable improvement of 15% or more on all LOBs, indicating that their overall customer experience had become more positive and engaging. MB Services's customer-centric approach and effective issue resolution played a significant role in creating this increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our successful partnership exemplifies how effective talent management, quality assurance, and data-driven strategies can drive attrition control, ensure service excellence, and elevate CSAT levels. By prioritizing employee satisfaction, investing in training and technology, and proactively gathering customer feedback we successfully strengthened our clients reputation as a customer-centric financial technology leader.