Case Studies

Accelerating Sales Growth Through Offshore Team Expansion


Our client, a prominent Forbes 100 company, operated as the only online reputation management company funded by Google. They specialized in developing cutting-edge cloud based software solution offerings that included messaging, customer feedback, online reviews, product sales, and payment requests. The company had developed their own in-house team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) based out of their US office and seemed to be on the right path, but faced significant challenges.

They needed to achieve exponential growth in their entire sales operation, but without the exponential increase in costs that would be associated with massively ramping up their US based team. Their core problem was thus focused on obtaining experienced and skilled sales personnel at a feasible price point, and ensuring that these personnel would stick around.


The client’s primary challenges were as follows:

Rapidly Scaling a Skilled Sales Team:

The client had ambitious growth goals and wanted to capitalize on market trends by quickly expanding operations, but lacked the ability to ramp up their US based team without significantly increasing expenses.

Cost-Effective Talent Acquisition:

The client had trouble in finding experienced and skilled people at a reasonable price point in the US market, and did not find it remotely feasible given their plans for expansion.

Retention of Resources:

The client faced a history of churn rates that were not in line with the vision they had for the development of their sales team and had issues with retaining resources beyond a certain time frame.

Strategies Implemented

To address these challenges, MB Services implemented the following strategies:

Hiring the Right Resources:

MB Services was able to identify and hire highly skilled resources that were a perfect fit for the clients requirements and could be acquired and maintained at a much lower cost than any local US hire, without compromising on quality.

Training and Skill Development:

MB Services introduced an extensive customized training program in order to further enhance the skills and knowledge of their new team. The training completely polished our teams skills by integrating and familiarizing them completely with the tools and techniques necessary to engage and convert prospects effectively. This allowed for the creation of a sales team that was able to meet and even exceed the metrics that the onshore US team were tasked with.

Ensuring Retention:

MB Services was acutely aware of the challenges faced by the client in terms of failing to retain resources in the long term and constructed very specific custom KPI’s and bonus plans for agents. This incentive system successfully kept the offshore sales team motivated and aligned with the client’s goals, while further boosting their performance.


The implementation of these strategies yielded remarkable results for the client:

Significant Sales Growth

As a direct result of the expanded and highly efficient sales team, MB Services contributed to generating more than $10 million of sales for the client and greatly outperformed sales targets that had been set.

Rapid Team Expansion

Within just six months, MB Services helped scale the clients Sales Development Representative team from 40 to an impressive 100 members. Additionally, the expansion included the addition of six managers and a project manager in order to more efficiently support day-to-day operations.

A Dedicated Team

MB Services exceptional policies and incentive systems were able to secure a historical low churn rate and ensure that valuable members of the team were sufficiently motivated in their work and in their goal to make our client’s vision a reality.

In conclusion, MB Services's strategic approach to scaling the client's sales operation through offshore expansion not only overcame the challenges at hand but also paved the way for substantial growth. The impressive results achieved highlighted the significance of a well-trained and motivated offshore team in meeting and exceeding business objectives. This case study serves as a testament to the successful partnership between MB Services and the client, illustrating how offshore resources can be a driving force behind exponential business growth