Case Studies

Transforming Customer Support for One of the Largest Telecom Companies in Pakistan


In 2020, our client undertook a massive strategic transformation of its customer support systems and operations by partnering exclusively with MB Services. This pivotal decision aimed to streamline and enhance their customer engagement and support services as well as to elevate customer satisfaction as a priority by shifting away from a multi-BPO model and unifying its support in MB Services.

Challenges Faced

Prior to partnering with MB Services, our client grappled with several challenges in its customer support operations:

Operational Complexity:

Managing multiple BPO partners of varying quality for a service that could easily be provided by MB Services highly skilled and specialized customer support team had resulted in several unnecessary and inefficient operational inefficiencies.

Diverse Customer Base:

Our client needed an efficient way to manage a diverse customer base that was spread across Prepaid, Post-paid, Retailer, High-Revenue and many other client specific categories.

Timely Responses:

Ensuring prompt responses and resolutions to customer inquiries and issues 24/7 was proving a considerable challenge for our client.

Strategies Implemented

MB Services, as our client’s exclusive BPO partner, implemented a range of strategies to address these challenges effectively:

Inbound Services:

MB Services took charge of managing inbound customer service operations, effectively handling call volumes across different customer segments. Call routing through designated queues and making use of state-of-the-art technology and management software ensured that each interaction received appropriate tagging and configuration-based handling. Our highly skilled customer service team further ensured each customer interaction was handled with great care and empathy and would serve as a base to further customer loyalty.

Outbound Services:

MB Services established specialized teams for Surveys, Collections, Pre-to-Post customer journeys, and Promotional Campaigns. This enabled proactive customer engagement, feedback collection, and targeted marketing campaigns that were highly effective and yielded great results.

Social Media Moderation:

MB Services provided comprehensive social media services for our client, successfully managing the company’s presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Webchat. Our team achieved all set targets while maintaining exceptional quality in online interactions and furthering our clients reputation of quality, trust and reliability.

Email Support:

MB Services introduced an efficient email support system, ensuring timely responses to all incoming emails on behalf of our client and ensuring maximal issue resolution. A centralized routing system directed emails to the most appropriate representatives, including handling critical escalations and addressing PTA cases and allowed for high levels of efficiency and speed of handling.

Quality Assurance

MB Services conducted rigorous quality assurance evaluations across all lines of business (LOBs), covering both voice and non-voice channels. This comprehensive evaluation process maintained a consistently high standard of customer interactions.

Back Office Operations

MB Services efficiently managed the client’s entire back-office operations, including the handling of complaint volumes from several diverse channels. Specialist agents at MB Services initially addressed complaints, which were then seamlessly forwarded to technical teams for end-to-end resolution and follow-ups.


The collaboration between our client and MB Services yielded impressive results and had a significant impact on customer support and engagement:

Streamlined Operations:

The consolidation of services under a single BPO provider led to highly improved operational efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Consistently high-quality interactions and issue resolution across all channels led to greatly improved customer satisfaction.

Proactive Engagement

Customized and specialized outbound campaigns and surveys combined with our top-notch resources enabled proactive customer engagement of the highest level.

Social Media Management

MB Services effectively monitored our clients online presence and reputation around the clock on multiple different platforms.

Efficient Complaint Resolution

Customer complaints and escalations of all levels were responded to and resolved promptly.

Robust Backend Support

Our robust backend operations and customized procedural operations facilitated data analysis, process enhancement, fraud control and efficient workforce management.

Our partnership, bolstered by the Cisco IPCC contact center solution, brought about a revolutionary transformation in our client’s customer support operations. This case study exemplifies how consolidating services with a high quality, specialized BPO provider not only enhances operational efficiency but also elevates the overall customer experience, making it a compelling example of customer support transformation within the telecommunications industry.