Case Studies

Elevating Customer Satisfaction: A Ride Hailing Giant’s Transformational Journey with MB Services


The customer support team of a company in the ride hailing industry plays a pivotal role in addressing inquiries and issues from riders, drivers, and restaurant partners, and shaping their overall transportation experience. Our client's objective was to not just maintain but significantly elevate customer satisfaction levels while adapting to a new scoring system with more rigorous KPIs and performance metrics in place. Their ambitious mission was to make 2021 the "Year of CSAT," with an unwavering focus on delivering exceptional customer service.


The client’s primary challenges included the following:

Cost Management:

The client wished to elevate their entire customer experience journey from start to finish but was having trouble doing so without incurring massive costs that were not feasible for the business.

Elevation of Customer Experience:

Our client placed great emphasis on vastly improving their customer satisfaction and were not happy with the current level that it was on. They approached the issue with an almost single minded focus on boosting customer satisfaction higher than it had ever been before.

Maintaining Rigorous KPI’s:

Despite a great importance being placed on high customer satisfaction, our client was still growing at an exponential rate and as such there was an additional challenge of maintaining high levels of performance while massively scaling operations.

Strategies Implemented

MB Services employed a multifaceted approach to the problem in order to help its client achieve its CSAT goals:

Focus on Quality:

MB Services implemented stringent quality control measures, ensuring that all inquiries and issues received the utmost attention and that all procedures and operations were performed in adherence with standardized quality protocols. Our team also meticulously overhauled the in-place quality scoring methodology, introducing more rigorous quality parameters and increased scrutiny in assessments.

Training and Incentives:

Recognizing the pivotal role of customer satisfaction, MB Services introduced CSAT-centric training for new recruits. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were structured to incentivize CSRs, stoking their motivation to achieve CSAT targets. Continuous feedback loops with recommendations and suggestions were established with RCOs, ensuring ongoing improvements in service requests and processes.

Survey Enhancement:

To elicit greater survey responses, MB Services recommended refining the survey format that had been in place for years to make it easier to collect important data and take away useful information from what had been collected. Additionally, a pioneering pilot project was initiated, offering relaxed refund policies to encourage positive CSAT ratings.

Continuous Improvement:

Regular refresher sessions and collaborative huddles were conducted to identify and rectify errors, providing valuable feedback to customer support representatives (CSRs) and ensuring that they performed to the high levels of quality and efficiency that our client’s wanted.


The collaborative efforts of MB Services and its client resulted in the following achievements:

Enhanced Training:

Specialized CSAT-centric training made an immediate impact on our team, enhancing CSRs' performance during the initial stages and resulting in tangible improvements in CSAT scores in production at all stages of the customer experience.

CSAT Advancement:

The majority of clients's Lines of Business (LOBs) surpassed their CSAT targets, signaling a sustained positive trend.The launch of the pilot project featuring relaxed refund policies that had come about as a result of analysis of in place policies and procedures was also a resounding success, noticeably elevating CSAT scores.

Improved Overall Processes:

Streamlined service requests and enhanced processes contributed substantially to MB Services’ delivery of a much increased CSAT trend. Further re-vamped scripting and flowcharting of scenarios for phone support modalities also yielded exceptionally positive results.

In conclusion, our client's collaborative venture with MB Services in 2021, themed as the "Year of CSAT," witnessed remarkable enhancements in CSAT scores and overall customer experience. This case study underscores the effectiveness of strategic planning, comprehensive training, and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement in the pursuit of customer satisfaction excellence. MB Services’ efforts with our client showcased how dedication to customer satisfaction can drive transformative success in the ever-evolving world of today.