Case Studies

Transforming Operational Efficiency for a Leading Food Delivery Platform


Our client, a leading global food delivery platform, faced several challenges related to customer support and operational scalability. To address these challenges, they collaborated with MB Services to implement a series of strategic initiatives aimed at solving these problems. We used our extensive industry knowledge and highly skilled team to tackle these issues from multiple angles and create different processes by which existing inefficiencies could be appropriately handled.


The client’s primary challenges were as follows:

Cost Management:

Our client encountered several challenges and inefficiencies in having to deal with their own individualized in-house departments for different functions and their approach was leading to increased operational costs.

Operational Scalability:

Our client needed to be able to rapidly adapt to seasonal fluctuations in demand and contact rates and required high levels of flexibility in scaling operations up or down efficiently.

KPI Achievement:

Maintaining rigorous key performance indicators (KPI’s) in order to keep a hold of business and stay competitive in the industry was proving to be an issue for in-house teams.

Strategies Implemented

After thoroughly understanding our client’s needs MB Services introduced several strategic initiatives to overcome these challenges:

Chat Support Integration:

We implemented chat support for Customer Support (CS), Restaurant Support (RS), and Partner Support (PS). Agents of appropriate skill profiles to excel in their roles were further trained to provide hyper-specialized support for each function.

Customer Experience (CX) Team

This team of highly skilled and experienced agents was responsible for capturing and analyzing feedback from customers, riders, and restaurant partners to identify key areas for improvement and opportunities to capitalize on.

Restaurant Onboarding Enhancement

MB Services focused on improving the speed and effectiveness of training for new and existing associates and was able to facilitate smoother restaurant onboarding through a revamp of the organization's training and onboarding procedures.

Menu and Content Management:

Our team of dedicated graphic designers streamlined menu creation and editing for restaurant partners. They also introduced quality spot checks for photos and menus uploaded on partner apps and websites.

Quality Assurance (QA) Team

Our dedicated QA team initiated regular audits to gauge service quality alignment with the client’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) and ensure that agents were performing at the highest levels possible.

Multilingual Support

MB Services was able to cater to the diversity of its client’s customer base and provide multilingual support via several channels in order to cater to a broader audience.

Fraud Prevention

In order to enhance security and protect both our client and its customers against fraudulent activities, a dedicated fraud prevention team was established and ensured there were no anomalies or attempts at fraudulent behavior.

Accounts Payable Support:

A dedicated team was established to provide financial, administrative, and clerical support to our client and further enhance efficiency in managing financial transactions.

Wastage Management

A team was tasked with daily management of food wastage, fostering collaboration between clients, customers, and restaurant partners to reduce wastage.


Our strategic initiatives yielded significant results:

Cost Efficiency:

MB Services achieved massive cost savings for our client by optimizing support operations and leveraging skill-based agents for specialized support functions, all without compromising an inch on quality and performance.


Our client was better equipped to scale operations up or down in response to seasonal fluctuations in demand, ensuring efficient resource allocation.

KPI Achievement

The implementation of quality control measures, feedback analysis, and skill-based support led to improved KPIs, including faster response times, enhanced service quality, and increased customer satisfaction rates.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Multilingual support, efficient menu management, streamlined restaurant onboarding, and our team of highly skilled and experienced agents contributed to an improved overall customer experience.

MB Services’s support in transforming our client’s customer support operations not only resolved existing challenges but has also positioned it in an ideal spot for continued growth and success in the competitive food delivery market. The strategic initiatives that were successfully undertaken demonstrate the importance of adaptability and innovation in maintaining a leading position in this industry.